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Indoor Air Quality

Over the past 10 years there has been an increased focus on Indoor Air Quality throughout the country resulting in a higher demand for air duct cleaning services. The EPA estimates that Indoor Air Quality can be 70% more polluted than the air outside.

Building owners, property managers, and Environmental Health and Safety professionals have realized that in order to maintain proper Indoor Air Quality standards, you must start with the HVAC system. Some of the most common causes of poor Indoor Air Quality are microbial contaminants, gases, and particles within the duct work.

The most effective way to improve Indoor Air Quality is to remove the contaminants from the ventilation system. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends the source removal method as the proper way to clean HVAC Systems. When a HVAC system is cleaned using the source removal method, the duct system is placed under negative pressure through the use of either a truck mounted vacuum system or portable HEPA filtration units. Once the system is under negative pressure, debris and particles are mechanically agitated off of the walls of the duct work. Once free from the walls, the debris and particles are removed to the collection unit either inside the building or in the truck. Because the system is cleaned under negative pressure, there is very little chance for the debris and particles to escape into the workspace.

Once you have a clean HVAC system you can then focus your Indoor Air Quality improvement activities on other tasks such as relocation of waste receptacles, exhaust vent discharge locations, and routine carpet cleaning. You might wonder why carpet cleaning? Carpet in residential, commercial or industrial buildings acts as a filter and collects particles as they fall from the air. If these particles are not removed from the carpet they can be put back into the air by normal foot traffic or air flow.

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