Commerical Air Duct Cleaning



Routine Air Duct Cleaning is a Key Part of Your
HVAC System Maintenance Plan



According to the EPA build-up of dirt on Heating and Cooling Coils can result in a 21% decrease in system efficiency. At 888.Duct.Doc our technicians work with you to develop a custom cleaning plan and schedule to keep your system running at its peak performance.


Routine HVAC System cleaning will not only increase the efficiency of your system, but it will also improve the indoor air quality at your facility. At 888.Duct.Doc we know that employee and occupant safety are a top concern for all business owners and property managers. By incorporating routine Air Duct Cleaning into your facility maintenance plan you can be assured your facility will continually have good Indoor Air Quality.



888.Duct.Doc has provided Commercial Air Ducting cleaning to the following clients in Indiana and Illinois:

  • Universities
  • School Corporations (K-12)
  • Multi-Unit Housing Complexes
  • Government Agencies
  • Medical Facilities
  • Call Centers
  • Restaurants