Americlean Duct Doc Cleaning


888.Duc.Doc is the leading Air Duct and HVAC System cleaning contractor in Northwest Indiana. 888.Duct.Doc is an extension of AmeriClean Inc.’s cleaning and restoration services and assists homeowners and businesses with improving and maintaining Indoor Air Quality.  AmeriClean Inc. is proud to be a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and follows their guidelines on all of our air duct cleaning projects.

The primary goal of our team is to help our customers improve Indoor Air Quality , improve system efficiency, reduce breakdowns and to reduce potential safety and fire hazards. We believe that routine Air Duct Cleaning should be an integral part of every HVAC system maintenance plan.

888.Duct.Doc has two locations in Northern Indiana that allow us to service customers from Chicago to South Bend, Indiana. Because of our background in Emergency Services, 888.Duct.Doc and AmeriClean are able to quickly respond to your project’s needs regardless of the location.